Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Larry Steele and Dr. Aaron Fotsch began Ospika Animal Hospital, originally called All Mobile Vet Services, in the early 90's. They began doing large animal house calls and small animal medicine in clinic. In 2005 the practice name became Ospika Animal Hospital and changed its focus primarily to Small Animal care. Doctors Fotsch and Steele are both now enjoying retirement. Dr. Steele is an avid traveler and doting grandfather, and the always-busy Dr. Fotsch has started a sheep farm. 

The Hospital has evolved to include several associate veterinarians, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge. Our focus continues to be care, comfort and quality veterinary medicine for our clients and patients.

  • Dr. Kim Swift -

    Dr. Swift has always had a passion for animal care. She was raised in Prince George and we're lucky that she decided to return after graduating from WCVM. Being a veterinarian combines her love of animals with her interest in helping people. She knows that veterinary medicine is about more than just pets, its about owners too. Dr. Swift strives to care for patients while communicating with owners and helping them decide what the best options are for their furry family members. Outside of work, Dr. Swift is usually busy with one project or another, but always finds time to travel or relax at the lake in the summer. Dr. Swift is a wonderful asset to our team, and she is at the center of our Ospika Family. Her own family includes her daughter, Claire, husband, Rob as well as mutts Tucker and Brownie and her hand-raised Boxer, Zoey. 

  • Dr. Jennifer McLachlan

    Dr. McLachlan is an exceptionally caring veterinarian who fully immerses in her patient care. Dr. McLachlan really enjoys getting to know her clients and their pets. She enjoys the complexities of internal medicine cases and has an interest in ultrasonography. She also has a real soft spot for senior animals, particularly cats, and enjoys the long term care and end of life attention and comfort that she can provide. Dr. McLachlan has adopted several geriatric cats in need of palliative care. Dr. McLachlan has a very busy household with her 4 children, husband and pets. Dr. McLachlan owns the almost famous Wanda, (follow our Facebook Page to follow Wandas weight loss journey) and a grouchy, diabetic cat named Chubby Chicken Burger. The family also recently adopted another diabetic pet, a Boston Terrier named Bella. We truly appreciate having Dr. McLachlan on our team, her dedication to her patients is extraordinary. 

  • Dr. Rebecca MacLellan

    Dr. MacLellan is from Nova Scotia and moved to BC to experience our many outdoor adventures. Dr. MacLellan always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian, and grew up with furry and scaly pets of all sorts. Dr. MacLellan loves surgery and is always interested in learning new procedures. She has become our primary orthopedic surgery and performs TPLO knee surgeries regularly. She's looking forward to expanding her skill base to include fracture repairs. Dr. MacLellan has a new hiking buddy named Renly, a very energetic Brittany. She also shares her home with cats Kiki and Miko (who is the friendliest cat in the world). We love having Dr. MacLellan as part of our team and we're glad she has decided to settle in PG. 

  • Dr. Marina Mann

    We are very happy to welcome Dr. Mann back to our team.  Dr. Mann graduated from WCVM in 2015.  She is from Prince George, and worked at Ospika Animal Hospital throughout high school and then during her veterinary studies. We are so glad she has decided to return to us and is an exceptional and compassionate veterinarian. Dr. Mann loves all small animals and has a special interest in ophthalmology. Her pet family currently includes a cat, Penny (who definitely rules the roost) a Shepherd mix named Eddie, and horses Alto and Sandy. Dr. Mann has also recently taken a dive into raising chickens and we love hearing about their many aviary adventures. 

  • Carly Legault -

    Dr. Legault worked with us before being accepted to WCVM, throughout her veterinary studies, and we are so pleased that she decided to return to us after graduating. Dr. Legault is a very thorough and detail oriented veterinarian who enjoys the complexities of ophthalmology. She has recently completed her Fear Free Certification and makes a point of creating a calm and stress-free environment for all of her patients. She has an enormous love for cats and her own cat, Finn, was adopted from our Pet Connection program. She has recently added a Golden Retreiver, Juniper to her family. Outside of work Dr. Legault and her husband enjoy back-country hiking, rock climbing, and the rest of the great outdoor adventures that can be found in PG. 

  • Dr.
    Kaitlyn Liukaitis

    We are very pleased to have Dr. Kaitlyn Liukaitis join us after graduating from Ross University. She has a true passion for exotic species and has a wealth of knowledge to help our clients unusual and unique pets. Dr. Liukaitis is a member of ARAV (Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians) and sees all of our exotic patients from hamsters to chameleons. Dr. Liukaitis is fitting into our team as though she's always been a part of it.  She and her fiancée (Dr. John Vu) have a house full of animals and they are passionate about rescue. They have an 'island mutt' named Dany, 4 Red Footed Tortoises (all the way from St. Kitts), 2 corn snakes, a ball python, a Mini Lop rabbit, a chinchilla, a cockateil, 2 finches and a cat named Gabriel. She strongly believes that all types of pets are equally important and hers have all traveled with her from the Caribbean, to Louisiana University (where she finished her Veterinary degree) and all the way up to Prince George. (They are all going to need winter coats!) We are looking forward to seeing where her career takes her, and we are grateful that she has chosen to be part of our team.

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