Meet our Technologists

  • Ramona- Manager/ AHT

    Ramona came to Ospika Animal Hospital in 2000 as a practice manager. Raised on a farm, Ramona was always the animal lover of the family. She decided to turn that passion towards the care of small animals. Now in a managerial position, she strives to help our animal patients feel safe and our clients informed. Ramona's finds it exciting to be a part of  an ever changing profession.  Her pet family includes a Golden Doodle named Addie (rescued with Addison's Disease), and a German Shepherd named Gattho, the family protector and hiking partner. 

  • Brenda- AHT

    Brenda joined the OAH team in 1996! She is an extremely hard working and is a huge asset to our team. Brenda has an interest in dental work and is a very skilled technician. She owns two rescue dogs. Abi, the pomeranian, is not your typical pampered princess. She loves to be outdoors and playing in the mud. Sophie, a Min-Pin is a lot of energy in a tiny package, just like her mom!

  • Kelsey- RAHT

    Kelsey is a passionate and caring member of our RAHT team. With an interest in both medicine and a lifelong love for animals, becoming an Animal Health Tech was a natural fit. Kelsey has a special interest in animal behavior and is always happy to discuss training and behavior modification. She is our resident cat behavior consultant and can offer many suggestions to increase your cats quality of life. Kelsey also enjoys volunteering with local rescue groups  Kelsey is a very compassionate person and loves providing TLC to our patients. Her furry family is growing rapidly and is comprised of a Standard Poodle named Avery, Rose, a Boston Terrier,  Fable a beefy bully, and cats named The Great Catsby and Harriette. Kelsey dreams of having a house full of rescued senior dogs. 

  • Ally - AHT

    Ally brings to our team  several years experience from an emergency clinic. She grew up with lots of dogs, surrounded by family in the dog showing world. Ally has always been passionate about veterinary medicine, but enjoys the hands-on, technical aspects of the field and so decided to pursue a career as an AHT. She has excellent technical skills, and has an interest in dog training and behavior. She feels strongly about helping fearful animals feel comfortable at the clinic, and loves being part of positive puppy visits. Ally also comes with several  four-legged family members, dogs Zara a mutt, Sonar, a Standard Poodle, and Fievel a feisty chihuahua. She also has two cats, Opal and Quinto. Ally's motto in life is more dogs = more happiness! 

  • Maya- RAHT

    Maya is one of our valued Animal Health Techs. She has always had a strong connection to animals and wanted to pursue a career to help them. Maya has a big heart and hear calm and quiet demeanor makes her a favorite of our patients. She always makes an effort to gain her patients trust and make their trip to the vet as pleasant as possible. Maya also enjoys sharing her knowledge and educating clients. She and her boyfriend have 4 adopted cats- Dickens, Agro, Harlow and Peregrin, most of whom would otherwise have been unadoptable. She also shares her home with two dogs, Nova and Rook. Maya always opens her doors to animals in need and often fosters orphaned kittens. Maya provides excellent patient care and her kindness and compassion make her a great member of the team. 

  • Sydney - RAHT

    Sydney has always had a passion for both science and animals, and found veterinary medicine to be the perfect combination of both. After doing a practicum with us for her studies, we are elated that she's decided to permanently join our team. Sydney is wonderful to have around, she's always smiling and is great with patients and clients alike. Her goal is to provide the best care she can for her patients to improve their quality of life. Sydney has the smallest animal family of any of our staff, having only one cat named Roz. (We'll fix that soon!) With her chipper and caring personality we are so glad she's decided to stay at Ospika. We look forward to seeing what special interests Sydney develops as she continues in this career. 

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