Meet our Technologists

  • Ramona - Manager, Animal Health Tech

    Ramona came to Ospika Animal Hospital in 2000 as a vet tech. Raised on a farm, Ramona was always the animal lover of the family. She decided to turn that passion towards the care of small animals. Now as our Manager she strives to help our animal patients feel safe and our clients informed. Ramona's finds it exciting to be a part of  an ever changing profession.  Her pet family includes a Golden Doodle named Addie (rescue with Addison's Disease), and a German Shepherd named Gattho, the family protector and hiking partner. 

  • Brenda - Animal Health Tech

    Brenda joined the OAH team in 1996 and is an extremely skilled tech. She is very hard working and is a huge asset to our team. Brenda has a special interest in dental work. Brenda's furry family includes her husband, Mark, senior cat Bubbles and itty bitty Sophie, a Miniature Manchester Terrier who tiny and full of energy, just like her mom. 

  • Kelsey - Registered Animal Health Technologist

    Kelsey is a experienced and skilled member of our RAHT team. With an interest in both medicine and a lifelong love for animals, becoming an Animal Health Tech was a natural choice. Kelsey has a special interest in animal behavior and is currently completing a 2 year course on feline behavior. She loves to chat about behavior and can offer many suggestions to increase your cats quality of life. Kelsey is a compassionate person and loves providing extra TLC to our patients. Her ever growing fur family is comprised of dogs Avery, Rose, Fable and Walter, cats Stuart and Harriette, a ball python named Matilda and a tortoise named Hawkins and a bearded dragon called Sage. Kelsey dreams of having a retirement home for elderly rescue dogs. 

  • Ally - Registered Animal Health Technologist

    Ally brings to our team  several years experience from an emergency clinic. She grew up with lots of dogs, surrounded by family in the dog showing world. Ally has always been passionate about veterinary medicine. She has excellent technical skills, and has an interest in dog training and behavior. She feels strongly about helping fearful animals feel comfortable at the clinic, and loves being part of positive puppy visits. Ally has so many of her own pets that she could open her own zoo. She has 5 dogs (Sonar, Zara, Fievel, Crash and BeBop), 4 cats (Opal, Quinto, Puma Thurman and Olive Oyl), a tortoise (Morla), rabbits Olga and Baldur and a parrot called Ahsoka. Ally also somehow finds time to foster puppies and misunderstood dogs. Ally's motto in life is more dogs = more happiness! 

  • Maya - Registered Animal Health Technologist

    Maya is a very kind an caring member of our RAHT team. She has always had a strong connection to animals and wanted to pursue a career to help them. Maya has a big heart and her calm and quiet demeanor which makes her a favorite of our patients. Maya is our resident Kitten mom and she has hand raised and nursed countless kittens in need. During 'Kitten Season' Maya usually at least 1, but as many as 3 litters of rescued kittens at her house. She and her partner have several permanent residents including cats Harlow, Peach and Peregrine, a rabbit named Plato and dogs Rook and Nova.  Maya provides excellent patient care and her thoughtfulness and compassion make her a valuable asset to OAH.

  • Hailey - Registered Animal Health Technologist

    Hailey an enthusiastic and skilled technologist. She is outgoing, patient and kind and she has excellent client communication skills. Hailey is interested in learning more about emergency medicine which makes our busy clinic a great fit for her. She has become our go-to person for newborn puppies needing extra and has a real talent for raising cleft palate puppies. While raising this can be a challenging and heartbreaking endeavour, Hailey is always wiling to try and help. Hailey has a beautiful Shetland Sheepdog named Emmah and a cat named Sailym. We look forward to watching Hailey grow as a tech.

  • Cassandra - Registered Animal Health Technologist

    Cassandra began her career with us prior to attending Thompson Rivers University and we are so pleased that she decided to return to our hospital. We love Cassandras enthusiasm for the field and keeping up to date with the most modern techniques in patient care. Cass's furry family includes two cats, Frankie and Donald, and dogs Angel and Brody. We are very excited to having Cass as a permanent fixture on our team and look forward to watching her grow in this career. 

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