We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of our wonderful clinic cat, Theodore. Theo was almost 16 years old and was suffering from Chronic Kidney Failure. Over several months Theodore's health has been declining, and of course our top priority was to ensure he had a great quality of life and was enjoying every day. He let us know when he was ready to say goodbye, and he passed peacefully surrounded by his favorite people. 

T was such an adored member of our team and the clinic has certainly not been the same without him here. 


CAT_FACE.png  Theo, our beautiful Siamese X cat has been our welcome greeter since 2008. He spent several months in our adoption room without any interest him- which must have been because he was already home. Ironically, we now have many clients asking to adopt our handsome, mellow clinic cat. 

CAT_FACE.png  He loves all the attention from our staff and customers. His favourite things to do are: lay by the fireplace, eat and enjoy the sunshine coming through our windows in the reception area. He loves spending time in the clinic is the cat friendly room! You'll usually find Theodore curled up on his bed in reception, or on one of the receptionists chairs (while the receptionist stands, of course). He is also a master opening doors and we often find him curled up snoozing in random cupboards. Theo is well aware that he is the king of the clinic and he takes that position very seriously!

CAT_FACE.png Theo is almost 16 and in the spring of 2018 he was diagnosed as Diabetic and had a few tough months. We were very worried we would loose our boy, but he has bounced back and is now in remission. This spring he began loosing weight and muscle and was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Failure. He's not feeling as spunky as he used to, but still spends a few minutes a day racing around the clinic being silly. He spends the rest of the day napping, which is his specialty. Our goal is to keep Theo comfortable and happy, he is a very much loved member of our team. 

Visit us and come and meet Theo today!

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