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Ospika Animal Hospital is proud to offer after-hours emergency veterinary triage to our clients through video telehealth services. The VetTriage veterinarians will provide the same level of quality care you receive during normal business hours.

For a 50$ US fee, they will triage your pet via live video chat to determine if you are facing an emergency that requires an immediate visit to the veterinary hospital. If you do not need to come in they will provide home care and monitoring instructions. In the event you need immediate assistance they will coordinate your visit to the on-call veterinary hospital.

To better serve our clients and this community, the clinics of Prince George share an emergency service.

Afterhours Vet service in Prince George is evolving.  In the past PGVH, OAH, CHVC, HFVC and MVC shared after hours call.  Each clinic (or group) was on call for 1 week on a revolving 3 week cycle.  We provide afterhours call to the pets of Prince George and surrounding area regardless of whether or not they have an established clinic relationship.  Afterhours care will remain the same.  However, depending on the week clients may have to access it differently using VetTriage.  This service is designed to assist local veterinarians with managing the huge volume of calls we are experiencing.  The licensed vet that answers your call will help you determine if your pet needs to be seen right away or if it can wait until your clinic is open.  VetTriage is primarily a video conference service, however a phone line will be available if the client does not have access to the internet

To access Afterhours care, clients will call their local vet and will either be directed to access the Vet Triage service or may be forwarded directly to the on call vet.  When clients access Vet triage they will be required to pay $50 US before the video call starts.  

Please understand, the clinics adopting this model are doing so to reduce the unnecessary and non-emergency traffic afterhours. We have all noticed a substantial increase in calls afterhours…. many non-urgent. The service we provide is for emergencies only and should never be considered for advice calls. There is a shortage of Veterinarians in PG and we are all doing our best to provide care that fits our individual business model. Regardless of who is using VetTriage and who is not, we ask you to be kind and understand these steps are taken so that we can continue to provide the pet owners of Prince George quality patient care.

  According to the current legislation, Vet Clinics/hospitals are not required to offer after hours care, however the PG clinics continue to offer this as we understand that emergencies do not always happen during clinic hours and access to care is something we are passionate about.

Lastly please be kind, Vet service is evolving to ensure your PG vets can continue to provide quality routine and urgent care to your pets

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