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Ospika Animal Hospital understands the stress a vet visit can cause your pet. We listened to you.  We now have a cat friendly room for you and your feline friend to relax during your visit.
Please try some or all of the suggestions for your cat’s next visit to the vet:

- We have helpful products that can be used prior to your cats visit, Zylkene, Gabapentin, Feliway and other options available. We will help find the right option to reduce or eliminate the fear your feline friend has of coming to the vet. Call us a few days in advance to have the right option ready before your visit.

- Bring out the carrier a few days before you appointment and leave in a neutral area, avoid near feeding or bathroom area.  Place treats, toys and favorite blankets in the carrier to make it a happy place.

- A small meal just before a car ride could prevent upset tummy for cats that get car sick. Do not take food away for too long before a veterinary visit this can too create stress.

- If your cat has a favourite toy, bring it along. Also, bring a towel or blanket that has the scent of family members, as well as your cat’s smell.

- Once at the clinic your lap is a good place for a carrier or the seat next to you (the cat sees and smells you and is off the ground).  You will be moved to a quiet exam room as soon as possible.


All cats should be vaccinated against serious diseases such as cat flu, Feline Enteritis or Distemper (Panleukopenia), Feline Leukemia and Rabies. Indoor and outdoor cats can both be at risk through airborne viruses or contact with other animals and/or the environment. 


Many cats are brought to the vet as kittens but then not examined again until later in life suffering from a potentially life-threatening disease.  Unfortunately, cats tend to hide when they are unwell and unless you are carefully looking for subtle signs or changes in their behaviour, the problem may be advanced by the time it is noticed. Regular physical examinations by a veterinarian are essential to maintain a long healthy life for your beloved pet.
While indoor cats are less at risk for trauma and infectious disease they are at equal risk for bladder problems, kidney disease, dental disease, tummy upsets and in fact, are more likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes mellitus due to lack of exercise. 


At Ospika Animal Hospital we recommend spaying your female cat, or neutering your male cat at 6 months of age.  They are surgical procedures that require a day visit to the hospital.

For more information on the benefits of spay and neuter click on the following link:

Is your Cat Scratching the new couch?

In most cases, scratching in unwanted areas can be prevented with environmental and behavioral management such as keeping the cat away from problem areas and trimming the nails regularly. Encourage acceptable scratching by providing a proper scratching post. The post could be moved to the area where the cat is scratching inappropriately. Scratched furniture can be covered with plastic, tin foil, or sticky tape. Spray on antiperspirants can be sprayed on the furniture as a repellent. Treats or catnip can be used to attract the cat to the scratching post. Remote punishment can be administered in the form of a water squirt bottle. Booby traps can be set up using balloons or mouse traps turned upside-down. In this way, punishment can still be carried out when the owner is not at home.


Another popular method for controlling a scratching problem is the gluing of blunt acrylic nail caps onto the cat’s claws. The idea is that the blunt nail will not be sharp enough to cause damage. The nail caps will wear off and must be replaced as the nail grows out. Our hospital staff will place the first set, then the owner has the option of placing the caps him/herself at home.

The most important thing is to make a claw management decision you are happy with. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to bring them up with your veterinarian.

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