Meet Our Team

  • Marie - Receptionist

    Marie has been with Ospika Animal Hospital for over 20 years! She is excellent with clients and does a great job of keeping everyone organized. Marie has two pets, a rescue dog named Nova and a recently adopted Persian cat named Ivy.

  • Kim - Pharmacy

    Kim joined us in 2004. She has a busy household consisting of her 3 cats, her dog Josie, 2 sons and her husband. She has recently taken over in our Pharmacy and can answer all of your questions about medications, over the counter products and parasite prevention. Kim is a knowledgeable and valued member our team.

  • Michelle - Assistant Manager and Nutrition Consultant

    Michelle is our Assistant Manager and has an incredible wealth of knowledge from her many years working in the veterinary field. She is always striving to learn and is our go-to person if we have any questions about special diets, food allergies and weight loss. Michelle has great communication skills and we would be lost without her!

  • Lucy - Assistant

    Trained as a Pharmacy Tech, Lucy began her time with us in that area of the clinic. She soon realized that she enjoyed more hands on care currently takes care of hospitalized patients. She has a love for Toy Poodles and has just adopted a senior poodle named Layla.

  • Andrea - Receptionist

    Andrea works in reception and will always greet you and your pet with a smile. Andrea has amazing client communication skills and we are very glad that she's on our team. We only wish she was available to work with us more often! Andrea is an incredibly dedicated dog mom to her special needs Great Dane, Leadus, and her cat Beaugie.

  • Amy - Receptionist

    Amy has been with our team for a few years now working as both a receptionist and keeping everything in the back squeaky clean. She loves to hear about all your pets, and has a few stories about her own dogs Mutzie, Pedro, and Layne.

  • Jennifer - Assistant

    Jennifer is our week time treatment nurse. She looks after all of our hospitalized patients and keeps their owners up to date on their care. Jen is always busy making sure the animals in her care are medicated and comfortable. Jen and her daughters have a Sphynx cat named Linda and a Great Dane named Poppy.

  • Lindsay- Reception/ Kennel Attendant

    Lindsay has been with our clinic for the last 6 years and has grown up as part of the Ospika family. She loves interacting with our patients and admits to getting along better with cats than people. You'll find her both in reception, taking care of animals in the back and assisting our techs. When Lindsay has time from her busy UNBC schedule she enjoys hiking and spending time with her senior cat, Cleo. 

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  • Kelsey - Receptionist/ Kennel Attendant

    Kelsey is an enthusiastic member of our team who helps both in reception and in the back ensuring our patients are walked, cleaned and happy. Kelsey loves to learn and is keen to be involved in patient care. Kelsey has a dog named Bentley and two cats, Simon and Little Miss. Kelsey is involved in local animal rescue often has an array of foster kittens.

  • Kim- Receptionist

    You may recognize Kim from her time working at our partner store, Ospika Pet and Farm. She has recently joined our reception team and we are glad to have her. Kim is very caring and compassionate and her love for animals extends to all of our patients. Kim shares her home with her two dog, Bane and Rose. 

  • Cassidy- Kennel Attendant

    Cassidy performs one of the most important tasks in a veterinary hospital- making sure all of our hospitalized patients are clean and comfortable. Cassidy is interested in becoming a Vet Tech and is learning about the profession while caring for pets. We appreciate Cassidys ever present smile, willingness work hard, and that she cares for every pet as if they were her own. 

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