Meet Our Team

  • Michelle -
    Assistant Manager, Nutrition Advisor

    Michelle is our Assistant Manager and has a wealth of knowledge from her many years working in the veterinary field. She is always striving to learn and is our go-to person if we have any questions about special diets, food allergies and weight loss. Michelle is also very knowledgeable about birds and can answer almost any avian related question. At home she has quit the menagerie. Her pets include a senior miniature poodle, several cats, 3 parrots and a rat. If you visit the clinic you may meet her African Grey Parrot, JB. JB often entertains us with is very realistic cat and dog sounds. 

  • Lucy -
    Treatment Nurse

    Trained as a Pharmacy Tech, Lucy began her time with us in that area of the clinic. She soon realized that she enjoyed more hands on care and she currently takes care of hospitalized patients. Lucy does many of their daily treatments including administering medications, monitoring IV fluids, and making sure pets are comfortable while in hospital. She has a love for Toy Poodles and has adopted a senior poodle named Layla.

  • Anya -

    Anya has been with us as an assistant for several years and we would be lost without her. Anya has very good animal handling skills and is great with patients. She works all over the hospital, wherever she is needed, but primarily assists in surgery. Anya has recently been accepted into the Atlantic Veterinary College and we couldn't be more proud of her. Anya will be an excellent vet and we hope she returns here once her studies are complete. Since she began working here Anya has adopted a spunky cat named Poe and she just recently adopted a 3 legged husky mix who she named Scotch. 

  • Amy -

    Amy has been working with us as a receptionist for several years and has recently started working in our pharmacy as well. We are so glad to have her on our team. Amy has great relationships with our clients and is eager to hear stories about their pets.  Her fur family consists of Mutzie (special needs chihuahua) Pedro (terrier x) and two french bulldogs, Lainey and Bruce. 

  • Andrea -

    Andrea works in reception and will always greet you and your pet with a friendly smile. Andrea has amazing client communication skills and we are very glad that she's on our team. Andrea is an incredibly dedicated dog mom who has had a couple of special needs dogs over the years. Andrea currently has a wonderful Golden Retriever named Lemmy (who's biggest 'problem' is how much he loves mud) and a sassy hand raised cat named Beaugie. 

  • Samantha -

    Samantha has been an excellent addition to our team and she brings with her a passion for horses. Sam began working with us in reception but has moved into our pharmacy where her knowledge and enthusiasm to learn is a great asset. She is very eager and loves helping with patients 'in the back' and enjoys being hands-on with the animals and plans to become a Vet Tech. Sam is our only staff member without any pets of her own yet, but she loves borrow our other staffs dogs to take hiking. Sam does lease a horse named Feist and spends much of her free time 'at the barn'.

  • Kim -

    You may recognize Kim from her time working at our partner store, Ospika Pet and Farm. She has recently joined our reception team and we are glad to have her. Kim is very caring and compassionate and her love for animals extends to all of our patients. Kim shares her home with her two dog, Bane and Rose. 

  • Kelsey -
    Receptionist, Assistant

    Kelsey is an enthusiastic member of our team who helps out wherever we need her, be it in reception, pharmacy or in the back helping with patient care. Kelsey loves to learn and is keen to be hands on caring for our patients. Kelsey has recently returned from maternity leave with a fresh enthusiasm for veterinary medicine. Her little family consists of a big mixed breed dog named Bentley and 'foster fail' cat named Little Miss. Kelsey is involved in local animal rescue often raises orphaned and special needs kittens.

  • Cassidy -
    Kennel Attendant

    Cassidy performs one of the most important tasks in a veterinary hospital- making sure all of our hospitalized patients are clean and comfortable. Cassidy is interested in becoming a Vet Tech and is learning about the profession while caring for pets. We appreciate Cassidys ever present smile, willingness work hard, and that she cares for every pet as if they were her own. Cass has her own senior, diabetic dog named Lady. 

  • Lindsay -
    Receptionist/ Kennel Attendant

    Lindsay has been a member of our team for several years and bounces between working in reception and the back of the clinic. Lindsay enjoys the hands on aspects of her job and prefers to spend her time taking care of patients. She ensures they are walked, have clean and warm kennels, and that they are as comfortable as possible during their stay with us. Lindsey recently adopted a very sweet and funny cat named Ophelia and we love hearing stories of her silly antics. 

  • Jennifer -
    Kennel Attendant

    Jennifer is a newer member of our team who is eagerly learning the ropes. She does much of our dog walking and making sure our in clinic patients are clean, warm and comfortable. Jennifer grew up on a farm and she certainly has a big heart for animals. Her personal pets include her beautiful horses, Lennae and TinMan, her dogs Missy, Sadie and Daisy, cat Tommy and her special bunny Einstein. She is hoping to go to school to be a Vet Tech eventually but for the time being she's enjoying the hands on aspect of being in a small animal practice. 

  • Shelly -

    Shelly is a newer member of our team and she is enthusiastic about helping our patients. Shelly is actually trained as a Pharmacy Assistant but was looking for a change of pace, and we're glad she decided to join our team. Shelly is bubbly and chatty and has great people skills. Shelly has a busy house with two young kids. and  two Cockapoos, Cooper and Dexter. We appreciate the energy and positivity that Shelly brings to the team. 

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