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Welcome, have a look around our hospital. We hope this provides you with some information about what goes on behind the scenes here at Ospika Animal Hospital. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Welcome. Here you will find the help you need from our friendly  receptionists. When you arrive at Ospika Animal Hospital, Theo (our resident cat) will first ask to be petted, then the receptionist will make sure you and your pet are looked after. They will be glad to help you with booking regular and re-check appointments, billing inquires, and boarding information.


Examination Rooms

When the veterinarian is ready to see you and your pet, you will be shown into one of our Examination Rooms. Here the veterinarian will examine your pet, administer vaccinations if required, and address any pet-care questions you might have. Our veterinarians are happy to examine larger pets on the floor, and give extra time and treats to nervous patients. We pride ourselves on making the experience for your pets as pleasant as possible. Depending on the nature of the visit, your pet may be lead into the treatment or pre-surgery areas.


Cat Friendly Exam Room

At Ospika Animal Hospital we have a special room for "Cats Only".  We know how stressful vet visits can be for your cat, so we have a special area with cat toys, feline friendly odors and cat appeasing pheromones. Your cat is welcome to wander the room and get used to the environment. 

Theo is convinced that we designed this room specifically for him, and can often be found lounging on the bench when the room is unoccupied by patients.

Cat Friendly

Treatment Area

This area is used by our veterinarians and Animal Health Technicians (AHT) to perform minor treatments on your pet such as wound cleansing, blood collection, and ear flushing. 


Minor Surgery & Dental Area

Less invasive surgeries are performed here, such as abscesses, lacerations and urinary blockages.

Our Dental Suite contains modern dental equipment to provide your pet with the best care. Dental radiographs help us to diagnose the severity of dental disease and provide valuable information about your pets dental health. Come in anytime for your pet's free dental estimate.

Minor Surgery

Surgery Suite

This operating room is a sterile surgery suite equipped with two surgical tables and modern anesthetic and patient monitoring devices. The surgeries performed here range from elective spays and neuters to lumpectomies, c-sections to orthopedic surgeries.



Ospika Animal Hospital is equipped with modern x-ray and ultrasound equipment. With the use of this equipment, our veterinarians are  better able to diagnose any internal problems an animal might have. Radiographs can diagnose not only broken bones, but lung and heart issues, abdominal problems and foreign objects which have been ingested. You can also request to have any images emailed to you.


In-House Laboratory

Ospika Animal Hospital is equipped with an in-house laboratory. Using our IDEXX equipment, our trained AHT's can provide our veterinarians with fast and accurate lab results.  This allows us to provide pet owners with a quick and accurate diagnoses of their pet's condition.

In House


For the convenience of our clients and their pets, Ospika Animal Hospital maintains a well stocked veterinary pharmacy.  Staffed during business hours, the pharmacy can provide medication prescribed by our veterinarians before you leave the hospital.  The pharmacy also carries a range of pet dewormers, herbal remedies, and other over the counter medications.


Kennels & Exercise Area


Our kennels are comfy and well maintained by our friendly caring staff who take pride in providing the best care for your animal. Our large outdoor exercise area allows your pet to have the freedom to play... just like home. Ospika Animal Hospital offers boarding services and we will do our best to accommodate all  special requests.  Please ask our receptionists for more details.

Sign Up Using the Form Below or Call 250-564-1315.


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